Silver Spinney

Silver Spinney was designed for our clients to be an alternative to standard modern houses, with the focus on good design, modern materials and to be energy efficient.

The brief from the clients was simple, but challenging: ‘to design a house which is opposite in terms of design, functionality, philosophy, detail and character to a standard new build house and anything else within the vicinity, which most importantly retains the essence of a family home’.

It reimagines the use of traditional materials in a modern way, but also introduces new materials to the design palette not often seen in residential dwellings in suburbia. It demonstrates that other options, other designs are available to create a more interesting and varied architecture.

The form was developed in response to the context of the site and in collaboration with our client’s desire for a house which would precisely meet their requirements. The two gable blocks of accommodation were designed around a central axis which is the main circulation routes through the house both horizontally and vertically. A central atrium between the two blocks allows light to penetrate deep into the property and connects the user with the outside.

Silver Spinney has been a hugely successful and well received project for the clients, they have been hugely impressed with the level of the design and how the project not just fulfilled the original design brief but far exceeded their expectations. For JW Architects Ltd Silver Spinney has been hugely successful gaining praise and recognition for our work, plus showing what we can do as a practice.

Photos - JW Architects & GS Photos

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