Salford Footbridge Comp

We regularly enjoy working on different projects and took the opportunity to design a new pedestrian bridge in Salford for a RIBA Competition.

Our bridge design is simple, clean and free from disruptions to enable free passage to the users of the bridge. However, a journey can become mundane if it is not enjoyable and the enjoyment of our bridge is provided in the form of the organic wrapping outer skin, which not only brings artistic flair but also offers a highly visible connection to the outside world.

The design is based on the idea of the loop in the river, where the structure loops around the central deck and provides a degree of cover as well as housing the recessed lighting, solar panels to promote sustainability and speakers to enhance the experience of the journey.

The visual shape of the loop wrapping around the bridge has been chosen to give the bridge a truly unique three dimensional form as well as exaggerating the key concepts of flow, movement and simplicity. It provides a high degree of visible connection and definition to the new bridge.

We felt this bridge design exemplifies our approach to design and what we can bring to each individual project.

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